Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible
Book Synopsis

The bestselling guide to herbal remedies completely revised and expanded.

Since its original publication in 1992, Earl Mindell’s Herb Bible has become the definitive guide to the world of herbal remedies. Recognized as today’s leading trend in self-care, herbs can help you heal faster, live longer, and look better. In this completely updated edition, one of the world’s foremost authorities on nutrition and natural remedies demystifies the language and lore of herbs and shows you how to choose and use herbs and herbal treatments—from the traditional favorites to those on the cutting edge.

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Amazon Reviews

Earl Mindell is a very good source for new facts
April 11, 2017

I am an herbalist that is constantly studying herbs and healing. Earl Mindell is a very good source for new facts. I have at least 3 other books by him. Found some in this book I hadn’t been been aware of before.

Umberto Eco
Fabulous reference book for the home.
December 27, 2011

I had been told of the Herb Bible by a friend who even has a pocket version (I want that!) and I decided to buy one for my mom’s household. She was fascinated by it and spent a good portion of Christmas Eve reading it. I then perused it as well and it is a wonderful way to begin learning about herbs and their benefits, particularly in place of over the counter meds. We are a family of believers in natural remedies anyway, but had no nice, small carry along book to guide us better. Now we do! I am buying 3 or 4 more for myself and friends. And the best part of this book is that it also gives you warnings about certain herbs and when to consult your doctor if you are taking meds. THAT is priceless! One thing I would love to have in an herb book is a list of ailments and the herbs that help. For instance, in the glossary it would be nice to look up INFLAMMATION and find the page detailing which herb is helpful for that. But I am being picky. Perhaps I need a different book for that.

I Use it ALL the Time!!!
March 17, 2013

This little book truly is the HERB BIBLE and I use it all the time to educate myself as to the various natural remedies for healing oneself. Earl Mindell’s books are the best!!! I couldn’t recommend it higher!!! It truly is the BIBLE of herbal books!

Amazon Customer
very Informative
December 23, 2016

All you ever wanted to know about herbs. What they are good for and how to use them effectively.

Shalene Holmes
Knowledge Is Power
January 18, 2007

Knowledge is power … and if Earl Mindell has written it, you should be reading it … and reading it often!

Face the facts … prescriptions have become more than just expensive, they have become hazardous to your health! We see the commercials all the time … this pill will help treat your illness, though the side-effects may kill you! Natural medicines work … afteral, they were created by God, as was marijuana (anti-depressant) … but even natural medicines should never be abused.

I always Refer to it
June 5, 2014

I still have my old Mindells herb bible. It’s tatter, torn, and stained but its helped during my early years learning about holistic and natural ways to heal common ailments. This one is updated with new herbs and information. Wanna get the Vitamin version next

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